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The Alasdair Archibald Cup

The final of the Scottish Polo Tournament is a Testimonial to Alasdair Archibald who started playing polo with the Dundee and Perth Polo Club at 16, and then played professionallyin two 22 goal teams: Ellerston and Black Bears. His polo handicapreached 5 goals when he retired. His expertise and mastery of the gamewill be greatly missed as he is now too unwell to play polo or to work.

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Alasdair Archibald

Alasdair Archibald is the son of two doctors. He started riding in the pony
club aged 9 and went on to be a member of the Scottish Tetrathlon Team for
four years. He started polo at the Dundee and Perth Polo Club aged 16.
He was set to go to Aberdeen University until he won a Hurlingham Polo
Scholarship which gave him six months in Argentina: this was followed by
two further Winters in Argentina and contacts with all the best polo players
in the world, and some of the Patrons who sponsor the game.
Initially, he played with Kerry Packer’s Ellerston 22 goal team, and then
moved to play for Urs Schwarzenbach’s Black Bears 22 goal team. He was
awarded the “Young Player of the Year Trophy” from HM the Queen in
1991. His polo handicap was 5 goals before he retired from the sport and
moved to Scotland. He Captained Scotland, was an excellent coach and a
huge encouragement to members, new and old, to further their skills under
his tutelage. His expertise and mastery of the game will be greatly missed
by all Scottish players.
The Alasdair Archibald Cup will be presented every year to the winning
team at the Scottish Polo Tournament.


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